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Programming Workshop with MPI, OpenMP & Tools - Dresden, 2024 --- Now available in English in Dresden !

Date: 11.03.2024 8:30 Uhr - 15.03.2024 16:30 Uhr        Now available in English in Dresden !
Time: Mo 8:30-18:00, Di 8:30-17:30, Mi 8:30-17:30, Do 8:30-16:30, Fr 8:30-16:30
  • Datum: 11.03.2024 11:00 Uhr - 15.03.2024 18:00 Uhr
  • Ort: TU Dresden / ZIH, Zellescher Weg 12-14, Willers-Bau Raum A119, 01069 Dresden, Zellescher Weg 12
  • Teilnehmerbegrenzung: 34
  • Teacher: Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS)
  • Tools-Day: Dr. Hartmut Mix, Dr. Holger Brunst, Bert Wesarg (ZIH)
  • Local Organizer: Claudia Schmidt, 0351 463 39833 (claudia . schmidt at tu-dresden . de)
Core topics:
  • Parallele Programming with Message Passing Interface (MPI) at Clustern
  • and with OpenMP at Shared-Memory-Systems
  • Tools for Performance-Optimiezation and parallel Debugging
Course language: English

The focus is on programming models MPI and OpenMP. Hands-on sessions (in C, Fortran, and Python) will allow users to immediately test and understand the basic constructs of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) and the shared memory directives of OpenMP (in C and Fortran). The Thursday is dedicated to tools. This course provides scientific training in Computational Science, and in addition, the scientific exchange of the participants among themselves. It is organized by ZIH in cooperation with HLRS.

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Please provide us with the following information:
  • which of the programming languages (C/Fortran/Python) you prefer to use
  • would you like to take part in the city tour followed by dinner on a self-pay basis
  • would you like to visit the Semperoper (binding)

The participation fee includes the course materials. Standards can be purchased additionally. The participation fee must be paid by bank transfer. Please provide us with an invoice address of your institut.
If you would like to pay by yourself (not via institut), please give us your private address!

>> Registration:
please register before Feb 28, 2024
Please note: participants with no german billing adress have to provide the VAT number of their institut!

(Invoices are expected to be sent from the beginning of March 2024.)

Social Event
On the first evening, we invite you to a short guided tour of Dresden's old town (approx. 1 hour). Afterwards, we have reserved seats in an "affordable" restaurant directly in the old town for a small dinner together at cost price. (you have to pay by your self; the tour is free of fee)

On Thu, 14.3.2024 we organize a joint evening at the Semperoper for interested participants (limited number of tickets !!!). "Dornröschen" (Ballett by Tschaikowsky) is on the schedule. A highlight of this course that you should not miss.
We would be delighted if you could join us for the evening events.

Travel Info Dresden
See our travel-info. The next bus station is "Technische Universität, Dresden" (4 min on foot, ehemals "Fritz-Foerster-Platz, Dresden").
Close to the ZIH (15 min on foot) you find the guest house "Gästehaus Am Weberplatz" of the Dresden University of Technology, early reservation is recommended. When registering (prefered by email), please mention that you are attending a course at the TU Dresden.
The next bus station is "Zellescher Weg, Dresden" (map).
Touristic hints:
We recommend to arrive at Dresden early, e.g., Sunday or Saturday morning. The Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe) in Dresden is the historical museum collection of the former treasury of the Wettin princes of the Renaissance to Classicism and the largest collection of treasures in Europe. It is possible to buy the ticket for the "Historisches Grünes Gewölbe" in advance and to reserve enough time for staying in the exhibition. You must not come late, because it is a time-ticket. The "Neues Grünes Gewölbe" is a second part of the exibition on the second floor (separate normal ticket). You should not miss these two exhibitions and the visit of the Semper Opera (see above). For further highlights, e.g., see this online tourist guide.


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